Why HIHeal?

Increasing global connectivity and climate change are accelerating the spread of infection. In addition, resistance to antibiotics in the case of infectious agents is increasing worldwide, with severe health economic consequences. Better hygiene measures and the restricted use of antibiotics can prevent infection.

On the other hand, an efficient research structure is the basis for understanding various infection mechanisms.

Of particular importance are emerging diseases such as Ebola, EHEC and MERS and nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections), with accompanying challenges such as antibiotic resistance and hygiene measures.

Launched in 2016, the HIHeal network provides a platform for innovative solutions in these areas. It forms a focal point of the Life Science Nord Cluster.


The HIHeal Project focuses on these aspects in particular:

  • Prevention
  • Diagnostics
  • Acute therapies
  • Clinical innovation fields

Project objectives

  • Systematic mapping of existing and new organisations as well as competencies in Hamburg
  • Promotion of thematic exchange in the context of events (expert workshops, conventions, conferences)
  • Determination of new priorities
  • Initiation of joint projects and support for grant acquisition
  • Initiation of topic-related working groups
  • Supraregional and international contact extension
  • Promotion of a specific exchange of knowledge through the trusted social media platform LSNXCHANGE